It has become clear that there is quite a scarcity of accurate geographic information on the internet. Content such as streets, zip codes, geographical state information, territories and localities are difficult to gather. LISTREET was established to remedy this deficiency by providing precise geographic information. LISTREET provides content for both businesses and individuals, that help make informative decisions with data to back them up. We have a robust database which contains information on 250 countries, well over 13 million cities as well as 34 million streets. The database also contains other sub features that many businesses have found useful.


Our Philosophy


Customer satisfaction is LISTREET’s #1 priority. We do everything in our power to ensure that our customers get information easily and quickly. We believe that information should be well categorized in order to be efficient. This is why we make use of plain texts in easy-to-read fonts on our website. Furthermore, we ensured to have every country in our datasets, allowing our users to access, read and analyze the website from anywhere in the world. The datasets are also categorized into transcontinental regions making it easy to select a country of your choice.


Individuals and Business Owners


As we identify the need for quick access to geographic information at all times, we added the ''download function'', giving our users long term access. Our services allows business owners to create accurate analytics and reports for their brands, simply using data like post codes, zip codes, geographic coordinates and more. Geocoding tools on the other hand help you to create a locator for your brand or business on maps.